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Milwaukee Journal Sentinal
05:03 a.m. June 29, 2003
Milwaukee Mind Reader Brings Big Fun To Brumder
By Molly Snyder Edler

A magician never gives away his secrets, but Rex Sikes, a Milwaukee Mind Reader, has no problem disclosing that practice, determination and a genuine interest in other people are the keys to successful mind reading.

"Nothing that I do is supernatural," says Sikes. "I don't talk to dead people. I can't predict the stock market or the lottery. Everything I do is by the process of the mind and all people can do it."

Sikes (yes, that is his real name and not a play on the word "psychic") claims mind reading is more of a skill than a special power and based on intuition and identifying non-verbal behaviors.

Although Sikes fancies himself primarily as an entertainer who has dazzled audiences with his abilities to "read" minds, he is also a corporate speaker and seminar trainer. For more than 25 years, Sikes has traveled around the world teaching professionals, from CEOs to police officers to pig farmers, how to improve their communication skills.

This summer, despite his busy travel schedule, Sikes will spend his weekends in Milwaukee performing "Theater of the Mind" at the Brumder Mansion, 3046 W. Wisconsin Ave., every Friday and Saturday night at 7:30 p.m. (Doors open at 7 p.m.)

Every performance is different, but show highlights could include Sikes predicting how much change is in an audience member's pocket, describing what a person is thinking or actually leading the audience to move an object through concentration. Sikes has as $10,000 guarantee that none of the participants are planted in the audience.

"My favorite part was when we shattered a light bulb by focusing our minds on a certain musical tone. It was absolutely incredible," says Jill Neyens, who recently attended a show. "I don't know how he does it. He reveals information that he simply could not possibly know about the audience."

Sikes, who has been nicknamed "The Amazing Rex" by fans, is quick to point out that he would never embarasses anyone by exposing something personal, even though he can often pick up on such details. He also says his success rate is pretty good, but he definitely isn't infallible. "I'm not always right, but right enough to stay in business," he says.

Even skeptics will find his approach digestible, primarily because of his belief that none of his abilities are supernatural, rather learned, and also because Sikes is a "regular," down-to-earth guy with a love of people and mind for business. (Aside from conducting performances, trainings and seminars, he has written numerous books and created a half-dozen motivational tapes.)

Interestingly, this was not his first career. Sikes, a Los Angeles native, made 30 movies including the cult classic, "Massacre Central High," that still occasionally runs on HBO and Cinemax. He may return to film in the near future, but for now, is enjoying his work, his family and his life in Milwaukee.

Although some of us may dread the thought of having a significant other able to read minds, Sikes says his abilities are well-received by his wife. In fact, she will often channel him a message, like "bring home bread," instead of calling him on his cell phone. Sikes says sometimes he receives the message and sometimes he doesn't.

Sikes became fascinated with the power of the mind when he was eight years old and asked his mother to read him a book about ESP. He and his cousin started "practicing" with a deck of cards, first by simply making each other guess if the unturned card was black or red. Eventually, they became experts at "knowing" and moved on to predicting the suit, which upped the odds from a 1 in 2 chance to a 1 in 4 chance, and eventually graduated themselves to the value, and so on.

Despite the somewhat controversial nature of his live shows, he has received very little negative feedback, except for a few e-mails. But Rex Sikes isn't fazed in the least.

"Those who are skeptical should be. People should believe whatever they want to believe," says Sikes. "What I am there to do is entertain."

Check out for more information or call (414) 342-1703 to reserve seats for the show.

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Lavonne Grenlie
If you are looking for a wonderful evening to keep you on edge, which is exciting,unique and enjoyable, attend one of Rex Sikes shows. You walk away shaking your head as we did-how does he do it? That is Amazing Rex, what a perfect tag for him. This is a show you want all of your friends to attend, it is real. He is the perfect performer for company events, anniversary parties etc. give him a call and get booked. Your guests will always remember Amazing Rex. Do they recall your previous parties?

Jason and Kate Renaud
Kate and I really enjoyed this show. We have seen many people perform "magic" - Rex performs "wonder." Very entertaining from the beginning to the end - and afterwards the audience didn't want to go home! Rex stayed after the show and answered questions for us awe struck. The show we saw, Rex was battling a cold - if that was 80% I can't wait to see him again at 100%!

I noticed your article on Rex Sikes while browsing the net. The Amazing Rex spoke at a luncheon meeting in Memphis back in May for the Marketing & Sales Association of Memphis. One woman who was skeptical about bringing in a "mind reader" said at our board meeting, for what it's worth, I'll learn how to read minds." Well, Rex chose her unknowingly to choose a word from a large novel and he guessed the word. This blew the woman away and she is now a "believer." Our group loved the show while sitting there in astonishment at his mind boggling feats of mental prowess. We down South recommend Amazing Rex highly. You'll be pleasantly blown away into the world of magical mind reading. Enjoy!!!!!!

Diane Gruenke
Rex is phenominal! A very unique entertainer who will have you spellbound. We thoroughly enjoyed the entire show, and was amazed at Rex's MindReading feats. A must see!

Bart Baggett
Rex Sikes is an amazing performer and EXPERT on the human mind. While he is doing this show for entertainment, one can't walk away a bit more enlightened.

I spent two weeks in a "process of the mind seminar" with Rex back in 1996 and it was one of the most interesting and important "seminar" investments of my life. Now that Rex is doing entertainment first, and explaining the mind second, I think he will reach a very wide audience that keeps coming back night after night to understand the deep concepts he is teaching.

It is rare a talented and gifted entertainer is also an enlightened educator. The combination provides some really powerful and "fulfilling" entertainment.

See the show and hire Rex if you have the opportunity.

author of Success Secrets of the Rich and Happy.

David Conrad
I saw this guy in New York, and he really is amazing. A lot of performers of this type rely primarily on special effects, props and routines, and are easy enough to see through when the strobe lights stop flashing, but Sikes is different--just a man on a stage with a few small everyday objects, many donated by audience members. His abilities speak for themselves, making the show much more fascinating and entertaining than the big-budget "magic" and trick acts I've seen.

Joe Vitale
Rex is more phenomenal than the article suggests. I've had the guy read my mind right over the phone. I've heard he can go up to people standing in line to see a movie and read the minds of complete strangers. He's amazing! If you get a chance to see him, DO IT! --joe vitale

Dan Pollack
I've had the good fortune of knowing Rex Sikes as a friend for many years. I've witnessed Rex surprise and amaze audiences of all kinds with his skills and abilities time and again.

I attended Rex's performance at the Brumder Mansion and it was truly a delightful experience. Everyone there left with a smile on their face and a sense of awe and wonderment. Even me. And I'm a professional magician.

I've talked with people who have seen Rex perform, sometimes many months afterwards, and it's amazing how they can recount exactly what they witnessed in Rex's show, and how excited they get talking about it.

If you're planning a special event, get Rex to perform for you. It will be a time everyone will enjoy and remember for a long, long time.

Mike Miller
I really enjoyed Rex's show. Rex presented a very entertaining and engaging show. He performed amazing feats that seemed impossible and had the audience laughing at the same time. I liked the way he involved the entire audience in the show. Actually, I enjoyed so much that I went back to see it a second time!

Emily Wagener
Rex was amazing!!! I have never been to a Mind Reading Show and was a little skeptical at first. Rex blew my friend Kristi & I away immediately. Things from guessing a word in our head to moving a solid object and so much more! My favorite was shattering a light bulb with our minds. It was a terrific experience and a wonderful way to start out the evening! Two thumbs up from us! :)

Kirk Strong, Owner, Strong Interactive Media
I just saw Rex at a global conference for Johnson Controls and his show was the talk of the evening. I've seen him perform numerous times and his performances is fresh and original every time out.

Michael King
I am a motion picture producer located in Los Angeles. And, I have had the extreme thrill of seeing the amazing Mr. Sikes perform several times here on the West Coast . Including a mind-blowing performance one evening at Hollywood's Magic Castle. It was not a scheduled show, but rather an impromptu affair. I watched Mr. Sikes read the minds of total strangers and perform miracles that defy explanation. Wow! It was exciting and great fun to watch and be apart of.

Having been told of your article by a friend from Milwaukee, who had heard me speak of him frequently, I was anxious to read it.

The article was very well written and contained great information about Mr. Sikes, much of which I was previously unaware of. Including his impressive acting career.

However, I can say, after having seen this talented and gifted man perform, words cannot describe the excitement one experiences while "The Amazing Rex" wanders freely in and out of the audience's minds. Truly a wonder to behold.

Thank you for sharing this information about a talented and mysterious entertainer that does just that....entertain. And then leaves you with a sense of wonderment that you carry with your for days, weeks and months afterward.

Michael King
The Two Bit Picture Show Co.
Los Angeles

Pat Mossey
I attended the Rex Sikes performance on Saturday Aug. 23 . What a great show. Rex does truly amaze and baffle his audience. Wonderful evening entertainment.

Christopher Brenner
My girlfriend Nancy and I went to see Rex perform at Southwest Texas University and enjoyed every minute of the show. She kept asking me "how did he do that!" and although I didn't want to admit it, I had to tell her I didn't know. I had never felt a room so electrified in all my life. You'll leave his show not only being satisfied from seeing a great performance but being mystified as well. I would recommend his show to anyone! Christopher Brenner , Austin, Texas

Kevin Truebenbach
It was our first show and we were skeptic. My wife more then me and to both of our surprise we walked out of there 99% believers. Rex tied it in great with our day to day lives. I guarantee that if you see his show (which you should) you will ask yourself "How did he do that"?
We will see it again! Thanks Rex

Jon Sadof
We have spent lots of money in Las Vegas and never saw a show nearly as good as Rex's!! Why go to a movie when you can see the Truly Amazing Rex.

Lyn Adams, Certified Mortgage Specialists
Great show, Rex! We went with friends who seemed skeptical at first. Well after the show, they were raving so much about how awesome it was, that they convinced 2 other "non-believers" to go see you perform. They were equally impressed! Please let us know when you'll be performing at an upcoming public appearance. We'd love to come see you again!

Christine Lucas
Rex refers to himself as a Motivational Mind Reader. Motivate is defined as to impel, inspire, stimulate, incite, move, induce, arouse, fire, trigger, drive and excite. I wholeheartedly agree that after having experienced Rex's performance that you are motivated to wonder and feel impelled to understand more about the fascinating abilities of the mind!

Anthony Rose
I have seen Rex Sikes and he is the real deal. Even if you don't believe, the entertainment is great!
Anthony Rose

Kristina Ustinova
The amazing Rex is always amazing.
Go see him, he really can see into your mind. Wow!!

Bill Van
I have seen this man in action. He is good!

David Lesault
Rex Sikes is one of the best I have seen! He is definately something out of the ordinary. If you get the chance to see him, RUN to the ticket office.

Tom Logan
My name is Tom Logan. I am a film, television director and author in Los Angeles. Rex Sikes' ability to thoroughly delight, enchant and mesmerize any audience is uncanny. His entertainment fantastic! He is down to earth yet larger than life. Audiences love him, his humor and his remarkable ability to read their minds. Rex always delivers. He provides unique, absolutely one of a kind entertainment that is a must for any sized event. When you have an important event and you really want to make a permanent positive impression then you must book Rex Sikes. You will be thrilled and so will your audience. I know - because I was and I still am!

Hello, a few weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending Rex Sikes mind reading show in Milwaukee while visiting my brother. I had heard of Rex for many years as he has been highly regarded in several NLP circles though I've never had the opportunity yet to study with him... And in recent months when I learned he had stopped doing NLP training to continue to focus on his Mind Reading Stage Shows, this definitely caught my interest and peaked my curiosity as to what it was all about, and maybe more importantly, how was he taking his NLP skills and creating a mind reading show for entertainment with the general public???

Without too much convincing, I was able to create enough interest in the show that my brother and three of his older children (ages 14-18) wanted to attend. The show was located at an old mansion that is now being used as a bed and breakfast, as well as a small theatre for performances in the basement which is where Rex performed. Great location with amazingly decorated rooms in true vintage style. When we arrived we toured a bit and met Rex while mingling about the house.

After a few minutes all the guests were gathered and seated in the theatre and the show started. Rex started off with a bit of explanation about what he does, NLP, Mind Reading, etc. And then started right into the performance. Several of his first few demonstrations were quite interesting and intriguing, including things like a guest picking a playing card from a deck, then asking the guest to visuallize the card clearly in their mind. At first Rex didn't lock on to the guest on stage, at the same time he had asked three more people in the audience think of cards and visuallize them also, then after a few limited success's with the guest on stage he turned to the three in the audience who were standing and said, when I say your card please sit down.... And with that he named three cards in rapid succession and all three sat down bewildered!!!

Most people in the audience were on stage at one point or another, or involved in the demonstrations from their seats. Some of these involved visuallization of playing cards, and others included such things as my nephew opening up a dictionary, picking a word at random, visuallizing it and the Rex writing it on a chalkboard. The word my nephew was visuallizing was "propitiation".... obviously not a terribly common word. When Rex turned his chalk board around he had written "Propitiate". Not exact but damn good!!!

Rex continued to baffle and amaze us with several forms of Mind Reading that continued to get more advanced and perplexing including, while completely blindfolded, Rex described in exacting detail, three very unique items received from the audience which were very unique and that I would have had a hard time describing if I was looking directly at them. He also demonstrated Telekinesis by having another of my nieces on stage concentrating on one of three pencils which were all partially hanging off of a table several feet away (Rex was about 15 feet away), and within a few moments the pencil she was looking at fell to the floor!!!

All in all, it was a great show, highly entertaining and definitely mind boggling. Two members of the audience were professional magicians, one of which was internationally famous, and both of them were highly impressed with the show. I purchased his MindReading book offered for sale at the event to learn more about what he is doing though still haven't had time to go through it thoroughly. It was a great example of where we can take and combine many of the ideas and techniques taught in NLP, energy manipulation, etc. and applying them in new and unique ways. It begs the question, what is possible that I hadn't thought of?.... What new ways can I use and combine the techniques I already know? Are there levels of rapport so deep that one can actually read minds with great clarity as Rex demonstrated, and if so, how could I utilize that skill in business and personal interactions for fun and profit? I know for me, there is a whole new world of possibilities available :)

If any of you get a chance, Rex's show is definitely worth checking out and bringing your friends and family to. It was really interesting to hear my brother (who happens to be an elder in a Mormon church) talking about metaphysical principals that he thought Rex was using during the show.... Of course my nieces and nephew were raving about the show for days talking about the "real" psychic they had seen (lol).

All the best,

P.S. As we were leaving the show and Rex was thanking everyone for attending, he asked my niece if she had a pet... First asking if it was a dog, she said no, he asked was it a cat, she said no and that it was a gerbil, Rex replied, "why would anyone name their gerbil "Powder"?" Of course, "Powder" was the name of the gerbil....

We saw Rex in June, and came back with our two teenagers in August! It's just as much fun the second time, and of course the kids have never experienced anything like this. The personal involvement of the audience, and Rex's personable style make the show unique. You don't see the show, you experience it......

Karen Lacosse
My ten year old nephew and I attending Rex Sike's performance at the Brumder Mansion on October 3rd. We were totally swept away in his amazing, mind-boggling feats! It was a wonderful show.

In addition to the fun and exciting entertainment, we left feeling uplifted by Rex's important message, "if you believe it, you can make it happen!"

I highly recommend this show for adults and children over the age of eight. It's a great way to spend an Autumn or Winter evening in Milwaukee!

Thank you,'re terrific!


Nothing surpasses Rex's mind reading. Audiences all ages love his comedic presentations


Rex delights students at Bryant University in Rhode Island

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