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Mind Reader, Comedian, Stage Hypnotist, Keynote Speaker

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Corporate Psychic entertainer Rex demonstrates amazing powers of the mind
Corporate Psychic entertainer, comedian and keynote speaker
Rex demonstrates amazing powers of the mind!!!

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Corporate Entertainment at it's very best: Mentalist, Corporate Entertainer, Psychic Entertainer, Mind Reader or Mindreader.

Mentalist and Corporate Entertainer, Rex Sikes, is the "World's First Motivational Mind Reader" Mentalist Rex Sikes is also known as the best mind reader in the world, one of the busiest (mindreaders) or mind readers, a world famous mind reader or mindreader act. He can be found looking for mentalist, mentalists, mind reader, world's first motivational mind reader, corporate entertainer, psychic mentalist, psychic performer or a psychic entertainer.

When working for corporations or providing corporate entertainment at corporate events, Rex is booked as corporate entertainer, a corporate event entertainer or a corporate mentalist, a corporate mind reader and as conference entertainer. When booked at unniversities, colleges and schools Rex may be called a college mentalist, college performer, campus performer or campus entertainer, or college entertainer. Sometimes he is referred to as a live entertainer, keynote speaker, motivational speaker, a hypnotists, a psychic or even as a comic or comedian providing live variety enertainment or a specialty presentation." Corporate Entertainment: Rex Sikes provides quality corporate event entertainment, which includes corporate entertainment events that will make your next corporate meeting a success."

What does it mean that Rex Sikes is the World's First Motivational Mind Reader?

It means Rex combines decades of experience as a mentor, motivational speaker, seminar leader and trainer helping individuals and corporations the world over to make lasting positive changes with his unique abilities as a performer, stand up comic, actor and psychic. He provides enlightening entertainment that audiences both benefit from and love. There is no other speaker in the world like Rex Sikes. And that means you get the very best! Clean, Fun Corporate Entertainment. While Rex is not a typical stand up comedian his shows are funny. Your audience will laugh, scream, and be delighted with the comic mind reading skills of Rex Sikes

Rex Sikes has combined his experience of productively helping corporations for decades with entertaining and inspiring demonstrations of mind reading, ESP, mental feats and what you can do when you maintain a positive attitude. Some of his show consists of mind reading, psychic entertainment, telepathy, second sight, sixth sense, magic of the mind, ESP, telepathy, extrasensory perception, and comedy. Rex provides a wonderful variety your audience will love. And it is great variety, variety entertainment filled with audience participation.

People say of Rex "There is no one else like him." "He is truly one of a kind." "You live up to your name Amazing Rex." "An event planner's dream" and "Best Mind Reader in the World".

A mentalist is one who has developed one's mind. Rex shows you what you can do when you put your mind to work. And what he can do will truly astound you!Rex is also a certified hypnotherapist and stage hypnotist. However, he specializes in providing you world class mind reading entertainment as no one else can.

"Sharp, funny, intriguing, astonishing, captivating, exciting, professional, incredible, awesome, and outstanding" are words used over and over again to attempt to describe Rex Sikes unique brand of entertainment.

As an entertaining motivational keynote speaker, Sikes has worked throughout the United States and the world captivate corporate and univeristy audiences with his unique abilities as a psychic entertainer, corporate speaker, comic, hypnotist and seminar leader. Many companies hire Rex to present his unique mind-boggling demonstrations one day and the next day they have him conduct a seminar or workshop. Rex has appeared for virtually every type of corporate function or event in companies large and small, from award banquets, and conventions, to sales meetings and trade shows. He’s a hit on college and university campuses performing as a mentalist.

He has presented his amazing “Theatre of the Mind” show at public functions, fundraiser's and in theaters. He appears at high end private affairs and parties and in all media. Additionally, Rex has worked as a stand-up comic or comedian, and a stage hypnotist. He’s appeared before millions as an actor in television and film, travels as a keynote and endnote speaker and trained professional development seminars world wide - but one thing is for sure, he's always entertaining. Perhaps you have already seen him on national television or heard him on the radio.

Join psychic entertainer Rex Sikes on his Web site as he invites you into his world. Here you will find articles and testimonials that will convince you that Rex is truly an "Amazing" corporate entertainer. You'll discover why corporations chose Rex Sikes as a professional speaker to motivate and entertain their employees important guests, clients and associates. His entertaining presentations are great for CEO’s and upper management and every type of employee function.

Business audiences love the Amazing Rex's corporate entertainment and motivational message. His live corporate presentations address team building, creating rapport, developing relationships, understanding yes and no nonverbal signals, all of which are important for getting more sales, increasing the bottom line, providing excellent customer service and for getting along within the work environment. Plus, much, much more!

Rex’s topics are appropriate forall forms of corporate entertainment and special corporate events: sales meetings, trade shows, conferences, customer service seminars, award banquets as well as breakfast, luncheon and after dinner entertainment. The types of functions he performs at include gala events, a corporate function or a corporate event, an after dinner show, an association meeting, an incentive trip, a corporate party or a company party. Including, audiences at an awards banquet, a client banquet, a client appreciation event, a convention, at a business meeting or user conference and at a company banquet or company holiday party. Others include college campus entertainment, cruise ships, fairs and festivals.

Some of Rex’s clients and sponsors nationwide include: Microsoft, Northwestern Mutual, Catholic Knights, GE, AFLAC, Johnson & Johnson, Century 21, McDonald’s, Time/Warner, Subway, Country USA, Bayer:Environmental, American Lung Association and many more. Meeting planners, event planners, party co-ordinators and event co-ordinators, love Rex for their clients and client sessions, FAMs, and a wide variety of event needs.

Today you can get Corporate Entertainer Rex Sikes The World's First Motivational Mind Reader to make a special appearance at your event!

So Book Rex right now and let him custom design a message for your important corporate group or business event. You will be so glad you did. He will help make your important function truly outstanding. "Absolutely wonderful Corporate Entertainment!"

Contact - Representation: Sari Shapiro Personal Management, Los Angeles, CA. PH/FX 310-575-4154

Thanks for your interest in Corporate Entertainer - Mentalist Rex Sikes' range of entertainment services:Mind-Reading: The World’s First Motivational Mind Reader, Keynote Speaker, Master of Ceremonies, (MC) Seminar Leader & Consultant, Stand Up Comedian, Stage Hypnotist

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