In An Amazing Rex Sikes Performance, You May Witness The Impossible Become Possible...


Mentalist Amazing Rex reveals the secret thoughts of members of your audience and they gasp, laugh or sit in stunned silence.

Audience members burst into spontaneous applause, waving their arms, clapping their hands, by mind power alone.

You see and hear your special guests having a marvelous time.

Rex inspires people to use more of their given talent while they are having fun.

Even though it is loads of fun - they learn things too. And they get fired-up!!! It is incredible!!!

They leave having had a most wonderful, exciting time - and it is all because of you!

Rex's personal appearance at your event is fun, funny, mystifying and mind-blowing

Your guests come up and thank you for bringing Rex in - you hear them say wonderful things to you.

Someone holds a secret fantasy - perhaps it is you - you'd like some recognition for a job well-done. Who doesn't? Well, that recognition is all yours - because they will always remember having their thoughts read by Rex. AND they will credit you for providing them this special time. Make your guests and/or management pleased.

During the days and weeks to come - people are still talking about the time they spent with Rex

And they know - it is all because of you!!! Imagine the incredible possibilities...

So you look back after Rex's presentation and you feel wonderful knowing that you pleased your group.

It feels so good to have worked with a true professional like Rex Sikes. It's hassle free and easy.

Rex's show is "corporate friendly". There is no poor humor, no one is ever embarrassed. Everyone has a great time!!!

Rex Sikes is courteous, prompt, professional - he will assist you in making your event dreams come true.

You can relax and rest assured in the hands of a seasoned pro like Rex. And that feels good!!!

Engaging Rex is super easy - just contact his personal manager Sari Shapiro she would love to assist you in bringing Rex to your special group and help you with your group needs. Just clink on the link below Rex's picture.

KEEP IN MIND: There is NO other presenter like Rex Sikes!!!

REMEMBER: Your guests, associates and employers will always remember that you are responsible for them having this great time.


Rex Sikes "Truly, a meeting planners dream"


"I know what you are thinking!!!"


Contact Rex Sikes to make your event outstanding!!!


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