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You are Now Entering the Twilight Zone…

by Karin White - Article Used with permision of the Women's Information Network

Everyone who was at the workshop on November 21 is still talking about Rex Sikes. This was our most amazing program ever. This man is so good at what he does that we were totally absorbed in his presentation. In fact, when he asked how we were doing for time, we shouted, “Who cares? Keep going!”

Rex thoroughly entertained and astounded us with his many impressive acts of mind reading. He passed out small cards at the beginning of the evening, introducing himself during dinner to all of us, table by table. He asked each of us to write on the blank side of the card about anything listed on the front side. None of the subjects particularly enthralled this editor, but a suggestion listed there was to “Write about anything you care to write about.”

That would seem to be harder to “figure out,” but Rex even quoted back some of the words in the description of that day’s sunset. Wow! Then he completely baffled others by doing the same thing. He called Sunni by name, asked if she was Bohemian and said she conducts seminars. He also suggested she collects silver. Actually, she had written the name of a silver collector car she would love to own. Pretty good, if you ask us!

He had someone draw a picture of a hand, and then hold a lighter to the paper long enough to scorch it. Then he walked around the room and showed us his own finger, which had a blister on it. At the end of the evening, he came around again and showed us that the finger had apparently healed, and the blister was no longer evident.

He told people about their childhood pets, described their childhood friends, and even drew a close copy of a picture someone drew that no one else had seen.

We don’t know how Rex Sikes does these things, but to the last woman, we were spellbound by the entire performance. If you want to know more about this remarkable entertainer, go to his website at His site is almost as amazing as he is.

If you missed this, we are sorry. It was just too good to miss. Perhaps we will be fortunate enough to have Rex come back another time. We certainly hope so!

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P.O. Box 1043
Brookfield, WI 53008-1043

Mr. Rex Sikes

Dear Rex:

You certainly had an impact on our members when you did our workshop on November 21. The members are still talking about your astounding demonstrations! When we had our Christmas party December 5th, your program was one of the predominant topics of conversation.

With each new, amazing demonstration, you kept the members and their guests spellbound. Everyone is truly baffled by how you knew the names of pets and childhood friends, how you knew what people had drawn on paper that no one in the room saw but the people who had created them.

Our member who asked you how to find her missing poetry, Karin wants to report that she did find the poetry a few days after the program. Thank you.

As the song says, "You may say you don't believe in Santa, but as for Grandpa and me, we believe!" That goes double for the members of Women's Information Network and Rex Sikes. WIN believes in Rex! We hope you will be able to join us again in the future.

Thank you for a successful and totally mind-boggling workshop. Please let us know if there is anything else we can do for you.


Lavonne Grenlie
WIN - President

© Copyright Rex Sikes 2000 -2008 All rights reserved in all media

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