Is Rex Sikes the World's First Motivational Mind Reader A Human Lie Detector?

Mind Reader Rex Sikes demonstrates powers of the mind for law firm Brennan, Steil and Basting S.C.

On April 27 in Janesville, Wisconsin the World's First Motivational Mind Reader demonstrated his uncanny powers of the human mind for 60 plus attorneys from Brennan, Steil and Basting gathered at the Janesville Country Club.

Sikes attempted to project thoughts - his apartment number from Los Angels to 3 different members of the audience. His success was verified by displaying an engraved key from his wallet with the number on it.

He demonstrated his ability as a human lie detector - by explaining what a polygraph test does - and showing how humans can pick up the non-verbal signals necessary to determine truth from lies, agreement from disagreement and yes from no.

He also picked up on the thoughts of audience members, reading their minds and revealing their birth months, and other information he could not have had access to.

Patricia Cameron, administrator for the firm stated, "Attorneys, of course, learn to read people to determine who is telling the truth or not, and our attorneys were very impressed with Sikes' ability to read 'between the lines' ...and for demonstrating his psychic abilities."

From Los Angeles, California, Sikes performs as a Mind Reader internationally for corporate, college, public and private functions and on TV and radio. He has appeared in movies and on television as an actor. He began his mind reading career at the age of 8.

He speaks to international groups for corporations, small businesses, and individuals. He has consulted for police, hostage negotiators, attorneys and trials including the OJ Simpson trial.

Sikes has appeared in all media discussing the important role of nonverbal communication in all our daily dealings.

Sikes has helped CEO's, management, sales people, customer service and as he states, "everyone from top CEO's to pig farmers" with his methods.

Clients include corporations and universities as well as private clients. Some corporate clients include: Microsoft, Northwestern Mutual, Catholic Knights, AFLAC, SC Johnson, Johnson Controls, GE, McDonald's, Virchow Krause, Century 21, American Lung Association, American Family, Staton Capitol,
Penthouse Media Group, Build A Bear, Inc.

Recently Sikes entertained at the Virginia home of AOL Founder and philanthropist James Kimsey.

Rex Sikes is a sought after public speaker and seminar leader who demonstrates the amazing powers of the human mind. His
corporate, college and public and private shows are fun, humorous, 100% interactive and clean.

Rex is also founder of IDEA Seminars, Inc., where he trains students from all over the world in personal development and influential communication.

Sikes has authored numerous Home Study Programs including "How To Get People To Do What You Want: Without Begging,
Pleading, Guilt-tripping or Nagging." His book "You Can Read Minds Too" and his educational material are made available at his shows or by emailing Sikes or phoning his office Rex Sikes Entertainment 262-790-1993.

His web sites are and


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